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Kerri Harris

Lifestyle Transformation, Strength Training & Posing SpecialisT

Lifestyle Coaching Services

Unlock your fitness potential! Our esteemed coaches offer tailored training and nutrition guidance for various strength & performance goals.

Competitor Coaching Services

1-on-1 Coaching Services • Training Templates • GIFTED Express - $30/mo Automated Training Coaching Delivered Via GIFTED Coaching App.

How Can I Help You Reach Your Health / Fitness Goals?


Kerri Harris

Kerri specializes in strength training, circuit training, nutrition & mindfulness. She has over 5 years personal experience in the fitness industry, including one year of individual & group coaching. Kerri is a semi-retired national level NPC Figure competitor and currently a competitive Functional Fitness athlete. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, is CPT certified through ACTION, is a CrossFit L1 trainer & a Precision Nutrition L1 Nutrition coach. 

Kerri found her way as a coach through her transition out of being a collegiate level cheerleader & struggling with an eating disorder by expanding her knowledge of the human body, strength training, nutrition & mindfulness.

She believes that one’s mental health & perspectives are just as important as their physical health. Her main focus with her clients is building healthy & sustainable lifestyle habits to improve all health markers, as well as improving physical performance & achieving a desired physical appearance. 

Kerri also serves as a posing coach for women’s bikini, wellness & figure.


Coaching Services & Products

Lifestyle Coaching Plans

1-on-1 Personalized Lifestyle Focused Training and/or Nutrition Guidance from Coach Kerri Harris.

COmpetitor Coaching Plans

1-on-1 Personalized Physique Competition Focused Training and/or Nutrition Guidance from Coach Kerri Harris.

Posing Consultation

Looking to step up your posing game? Coach Kerri has you covered with comprehensive online posing consultation sessions, where she can assist with all facets of posing.

Train With Kerri

Train alongside Kerri!  This program features a strength & hypertrophy-focused workout program. It includes progress tracking, video demonstrations & a supportive community all in one app.  

Training Templates

Delivered via the GIFTED Coaching App, Coach Kerri Harris offers a wide variety of training templates, including ones for beginners, those without access to a gym, and more!

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Schedule a 30-Minute Needs Analyis Call With Coach Kerri Harris

Interested in coaching services but unsure where and how to start?  Kick off your journey with a Needs Analysis Consult Call with Coach Kerri Harris.

Goal Review

During this call, Kerri will take inventory of your current health & fitness status and outline a plan of how to best reach your goals.

Coaching Rebate

If you decide to move forward with coaching services after the call, the cost of the consult call will be subtracted from your first payment.​


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